“At American Airlines, rashes, wheezing and suspicion still surround new uniforms “- according to Sky Talk


Most companies which have had   major issues of health or and safety, end up doing recalls, Now as far as I have read, AA has given employees an option for their uniforms. However the issue is also that those who still wear the new uniforms who have no issue, but co workers  do? What does a company do, Granted ti is easy jump up and attack AA. Normally there is more to the story than news will give you too. However but this issue is not going away and seems on getting worse.

What happened to that something special in the air??? What happened  about things will get better, and we will  list to employees? What happen to a genuine care for the health and safety of the employee? What about how this is effecting some of their passengers and  their families to?  Is American now un healthy  and high risk to fly on??

My comment is also on when you research where the uniforms came from and material and chemicals which have been used the name China  rings loud. Seems like many too many stuff from China honestly is crap. From food,  clothing , uniforms. I am one who can testify  having brought stuff over years and  always disappointed from  made in China  ahh that explains it.

Well my 2 cents.

What also about   you want employees to  provide classy service, why not classy and safe uniform. Too much to ask? Delta seems to be doing just fine on their uniforms, and so now is united? Just seems sad when  the largest carrier, who is also a Global carrier  seems to being cheap when it comes to their  employee uniforms Too many are having issues how about recall    get new designer for new uniforms which be just as  classy if not more and  safe to ware  The WSJ 2016  Best to Worst carriers, American ranked last.