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Dare to Dream

In All things follow your heart

Without a Dream you will remain where you are

If you do not have dreams you will never take off anyplace.. Too many work at jobs they have settled for rather than doing what they are passionate about. Both companies and individuals would benefit if people could do what they are truly passionate about and have developed their skills for.

People who had big dreams,at first  had failures, and heart break but today are living their dreams-

  • Bill Gates’ first business failed.                                                                        Yes, the richest person in the whole world couldn’t make any money at first. Gates’ first company, Traf-O-Data (a device which could read traffic tapes and process the data), failed miserably


  • Albert Einstein – Hedidn’t speak until he was four years old.                    Einstein didn’t have the best childhood. In fact, many people thought he was just a dud. He never spoke for the first three years of his life, and throughout elementary school, many of his teachers thought he was lazy and wouldn’t make anything of himself.


”Truly amazing! Solomon gives us the master keys to success, wealth and happiness. In this book, Steve Scott puts those keys in our hands, and shows us how to use them. Whether you’re just getting started in business, or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, I believe these breakthrough strategies could propel you to levels of success and happiness you haven’t yet imagined. No wonder the wisest man who ever lived, also became the richest!”
– David Neeleman, Founder and CEO, Jet Blue

Obsticles, challenges comes our way, but when you are in  the right culture that believes in your dre4ams as much as you do, all is possible This story really touched me

To live your dream the pathway is hard

Mountains ahead

Cliffs unknown

One slip, you fall  below

Begin again if it is in your heart

Learn from mistakes


Move forward

Ignore the can’ts

Listen to your heart

Dream big

Do not fear failure

Do not give up

Be stubborn

Dream and you will soar

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